Welcome the new SM6 active studio monitor to our family.

This monitor brings a massive sound experience direct to you.

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The SOLTON SM6 is a near-field studio monitor designed as a vertically aligned 2-way system.

The SM6 features a 6.5" woofer with Kevlar cone, which enables bass reproduction down to 50 Hz, while the tweeter's cone offers a pure and extended high frequency range of up to 22 kHz.

The metal rear panel of the SM6 houses contains the bass reflex port as well as numerous controls and analogue connections.

The tweeter is powered by a 25 watt amplifier, while a 60 watt amplifier drives the woofer. This power pack in a slim housing delivers an impressive maximum sound pressure level of 108 dB SPL per pair.

The wide frequency response, wide dynamic range, excellent transient response and small size make the SM6 ideal for use in small control rooms for music production, video post-production and broadcast.