From 3rd to 11th of September the 20th Beer Festival took place in Athens in Kotzia square. More than 50.000 people attended to the live events that took place every afternoon with a different band. Sivko Electronics (Owner Poulis Kostas) our exclusive distributor in Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria, provided to the company Silk Sound (Vaggelis Panou owner) SOLTON Audio equipment for the big event.  24 pieces of SL210ND were bought for the event.  It was previously installed in another event in a football stadium for the first test and after the good impressions it was installed for the big event in Athens For the Beer Festival 9 pieces per side for the front setup + 3 for side set up was the right installation. The impressions that people had was a very powerfull and clear sound system, with high quality, great performance and promising future.  We thank our distributor Poulis Kostas and the Silk Sound owner Vaggelis Panou for the trust in our products. More to come soon.

- SOLTON Acoustic -